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Programme of the symposion




The foundation is named after Dr. Antal Genersich (1842-1918), professor of medicine, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, an outstanding scientist of his era. He diagnosed the differences between the development of the human and bovine TBC years before Robert Koch. In 1870-95 he was professor of pathology and Rector at the University of Kolozsvár (today Cluj, Romania), then he worked in Budapest as a university professor and Rector in 1910-11. A real European citizen.

The dr. Genersich Antal Foundation was created in 1991 in order to prepare the celebration of the 150th anniversary of G.A.’s birth. The Foundation has been working on strengthening cooperation between civil organisations in Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, conserving the heritage of the three Genersich-brothers from the 18th-19th centuries.

The primary aim of the project is to promote the dialogue and common understanding of the civil organizations in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary by discovering and further developing the common cultural tradition in this region, the historical and scientific multicultural and multilingual values in the culture and science based on the rich Genersich tradition.




Thursday, September 30, 2010 Kezmarok, Hotel Legenda


14.00. Opening

Peter Slovik, M.D. Head, President of the Dr. Bela Alexander Medical

 Society Kezmarok (BAMSK)

14.05. The activity of the BAMSK – The history of medicine of Kezmarok

Peter Slovik, M.D. Head

14.20. The Genersich brothers - Christian, Johann and Samuel -

and the sciences in the 18th-19th centuries

Mgr. Milan Choma, Senior Lecturer, Schola Humanitatis, Kezmarok

14.35. The Library and Archive of the Lyceum. Books and manuscripts written

by the Genersichs

Dr. Katarina Slavickova, Director of the Lyceal Library and Archive

14.50. szepesszombati Dr. Genersich Antal ( 1842-1918 ).

From Nagyszombat (Trnava) to Kolozsvár (Klausenburg)

Ibolya Szekeres M.D., Budapest

15.05. The milestones of the pathological career of Dr. Genersich Antal

Drd. Edina Bugyik, Budapest

15.20.-15.30. Discussion

16.00. Unveiling of the Dr. Genersich Antal memorial tablet

Hradné námestie
Ing.Igor S'ajtlava, Mayor of Kezmarok 

Dr. János Szerencsés, Consul General of The Hungarian Republic in Kosice,Slovakia.

 Friday, October 1, 2010, Levoca , City Theatre


13.30. Opening
Ing. Miroslav Vilkovsky, The Mayor of Levoca, Slovakia

13.35. Levoca: the city of the traditions.

Doc. Ivan Chalupecky, President of the Historical Society of the

Szepes (Spisska) Region

13.55. The activity of the Restoration Atelier, Levoca

Ing. Ivan Tkac, Director

14.05. The Historical Lutheran Cemetery of Levoca

Astrid Kostelnikova-Zwillingova Ph.D.

14.15. The Curriculum Vitae of Samuel Genersich M.D.

            The physician of Levoca and Bothanic of the Szepes Region

Varga Márton M.D., Budapest

14.25. The pioneers of the Tatra and the Szepes Region.

Dr. Kubassek János Ph.D.,

Director Hungarian Geographical Museum, Érd

14.45. Pavol Jozef Safárik and the University of PJS, Kasschau

Prof. Oliver Rácz, Head, UPJS, Kosice

15.05.- 15.10. Closing

15.30. Wreath laying at Samuel Genersich’s tombstone

Dr. Miklós Czenthe, Director

National Lutheran Archive, Budapest

            Mgr. Daniela S'trpková, Lutheran pastor, Levoca

16.00. Reception: City Theatre - Hotel Stela


Saturday, October 2, 2010,, Castle – Museum, Niedzica


12.00. Opening.

Ms. Ewa Jaworowska Mazur, Director of Castle Museum 

12.05. Towarzystwo Polsko-Wegierskie w Lubaczowie :2003-2010

Mr. Zenon Swatek, president TPWL

12.15. Twin cities: Lubaczow (Poland)-Érd, (Hungary)

Mrs. Ewa Sebestyén - Majchrowska, vice director of Érd Municipal Library

12.25. The Katyn massacre and the role of Dr. Ferenc Orsós,

professor of Forensic Medicine, Budapest

Drd. Csaba Imre Szalay, Semmelweis University, Budapest

12.40. The pioneers of the Tatra and the Szepes Region.

Dr. János Kubassek Ph.D., director

12.55. Closing remarks.

Ms. Ewa Jaworowska - Mazur, Director


13.00.-14.00 Lunch.




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